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Otay, so it's been forver and a half since I updated, but I've been using the blog on myspace. I felt like my journal here needed somehting knew, so I redid the layout. I think it looks pretty nice. I'll fix the user info to match soon.

Well, let's see.

Jason and I will be celebrating 9 months this saturday (the 11th) and we are still doing realy well. I love him so so much. *beam*

Christyna and Jessica are now both engaged, which is kinda interesting lol. Jessica's fiance, James, is enlisted in the Air Force and will be going for boot camp in August (i think) and then in september Jessica joins him for 13 weeks while he goes to tech school and then they should move back here. They will get married in May of this year. Chris and Anthony will be getting married either this or next summer and I'm supposed to be the maid of honour *YaY*.

snagged from my myspace blogs:
Current mood: excited

I just got promoted! I am now a File Clerk! I actually have a job title haha! I might be making more money, not sure yet though. I start training on monday. My friend Sam is trainingme hehe. *YaY* NO MORE BATESTAMPING! scooore! and no more boredness. Yippy Skippy!!! ^_^

valentine's day:
Jase and I saw Final Destination 3. It was pretty good, i really liked it hehe ^_^ Although, I told Jase it didn't help with my rollercoaster phobia. lol I've only been on three my whole life. The Rock'n Roll Rollercoaster (Aerosmith's roller coaster in MGM), The hurricane (at Boomer's) and the dueling dragons in islands of adventure. yeah, for the most part on the last two my eyes were closed. that stuff scares me. haha. He gave me flowers and a piece of chocolate cheese cake. Oo, and a massaaage. mmm. He's the SWEETEST ever! He was telling me last night how much he loves me and how lucky he is to have me and making me blush like crazy. *beam* Oh, and he said I'm getting my promise ring soon, tho it's still going to be a surprise as to when. We were talking last week sometime and he was joking around that if i got him a ring, he'd wear it, so just for fun i looked for one and IMMEDIATELY found the perfect ring! I was like, ok i know i was just kidding when i was looking, but that was just too perfect. I HAVE to now lol.
edit/ i had it engraved with our date awww

oh and a random blathering:
Happiness filling up inside something tightly sewn, seams threatening to burst, sending everything spilling out in a monumental and overwhelming rush. The undulant waves of passion and love between us, collide into me and batter me with emotions. Your hand in mine, keeping you my anchor in this turbulent storm-riddled sea that is life. Your eyes, your smile, your finger tips, your soul, make me melt and make me feel complete. Surround me in safety, comfort, protection and contentment. Kiss me sweetly, deeply and full of passion, with kisses that could thaw the hardest, stone cold soul. Keep the light shining in my eyes, the fire burning in my soul, and the laughter in my heart. Just love me always.

Forever doesn't seem that bad. In fact, it sounds rather pleasant.
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