Little Pixie (wykd_faerie) wrote,
Little Pixie

2005 at a glance

You have to take the 1st sentence in your first post of each month in the year 2005

January-Well fate was kind to me this new year, for once lol.
February-stolen from Mike
March-the tears threaten to spill
April- *pic of my cherry tat* got these done saturday night yippy skippy!!!
May- hahahaha i learned how to do say club blinkies (the cutsy dolls)! they take me a while but i did some lalala!
June-Johnny and i have been "together" for over three months now and things are dissipating.
July-more random things
August- I think not hehe.
September-jason and i are still going strong.
October- I just bought myself a paid account so now i can have 100 user pics!! *beam*
November - (Jason is a Virgo, his is SO true)
December - Random and Funny

haha i'm so random and crazy!
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