Little Pixie (wykd_faerie) wrote,
Little Pixie

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ok now that it's the holidays...

i'm going to gain like 900 pounds because EVERYONE keeps giving me cookies and chocolate and more chocolate. it's ridiculous. I just ate the MOST delicious chocolate yet. it's Godiva creme brulee. holy goodness! omfg. *melt* the butterscoth caramel in it is to die for!

We're having xmas eve at my house for the first tie EVER, cuz my stepgrandmother usually has it but she's not been feeling too well (had surgery so she's felt like crap).

Jason is joining me and my fam for Channukah on Monday. my aunt is looking forward to meeting him hehe. He'll get to meet my two cousins.

I just wanna snuggle. won't someone snuggle with me? :(
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