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*Gasp* it's an update!

I have a new layout, as you can see and it's EFFING GORGEOUS!!! I believe this will be my layout for a VERY long time. it's sooooo AMAZINGLY beautiful.

I've been horribly sick since friday. iick. i've had an ear infection and a sore throat, a fever on and off and the sniffles. >.<

i saw jason a few times over the weekend, we just relaxed, snuggled and watched movies since i was so sick. he also got his first TATTOO. awwww. it's this flippin' awesome looking dragon that is all black and his tail makes tribal underneath it. it's on his right shoulderblade. HOT. he was making faces during it, and mouthing, "fucking OW." a couple times. awwww. I told him, "anthony's making faces too so don't worry about it." cuz chris's boyfriend anthony was there in the next little room getting more lotus flowers for his sleeve.
Jay, who of course did Jason's tat, again i have to say is adorable. he came in like e just got outta bed with his hair all mused and mismatched clothes (he had on some random black shirt and bright hawaiin print board shorts). i just wanted to be like "awwwww" and huggle him. but yeha, even tho i don't know him well and he prolly STILL wouldn't object, i think jason would haha.

ahhh bless-ed soon-to-be-sleeping. 45 minutes to go. *YaY*
I've been sleeping lots and eating little since i've been sick. I discovered i've lost weight, but i don't think it's cuz i'm sick (it's only been about 4 days and i'm down to 134 when i was 140).


P.S. Today is 4 months. w00t!
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