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This weekend was really good, but also sorta odd.

It was good because we saw The Hills Have Eyes, which was all kinds of disturbing, shocking, and simultaneously awesome. Not going to spoil anything, but one of the worst parts to me was the part with the two sisters and the "mutants" in the trailer home. *shudder*

Saturday was mostly uneventful, but still nice because it was 9 months for Jase and me. We went to a b-day party for a coworker of his at her house, ad like there was only about 12 people, and it was pretty boring. (The guys were mostly upset b/c she boasted of fun and girls, and there was neither. Including me, there was only three girls)

Sunday I went to Ft. Lauderdale Beach with Jase and got some nice sun.

Ok, the reason this weekend was kinda odd was b/c Jason brought up the kids topic a few times. Usually it's me that brings them up. Yes, I'm still in baby mode, but not so much anymore (a fact which Jason remarked on actually lol). He brought up the discussion of middle names. We decided that since he doesn't have a middle name, that unless we find something we absolutely HAVE to have, the kids will go w/o middle names. He also asked me which I would prefer to have. I told him A BOY! I want a little boy so bad! lol. But i said I'd love to have either one. He said he had no preference, but that he did like little boys. At the beach yesterday, we saw the CUTEST little boy. He was about 2 and was rolling around in the sand, getting covered in it and laughing and smiling like crazy. he was so CUTE!!! I pointed at him while Jase and I were watching him and I go, "THAT is why I want a boy! Look how cute he is!" lol.

anyhoo... back to work.
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