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You make me wanna lala...

in the kitchen on the floor! haha, sowwie, song stuck in my head.

♥ i fixed my userinfo so there is not so many Xed pictures and redid my blinkies section so it matches my new layout and looks better.

♥I saw Domino on Friday. VERY AWESOME. Keira is soo pretty. DId pretty much nothing the rest of the weekend.

♥blaargh i'm soo TIRED. craving JASON snuggling and sleep.

♥Jason finally got a new job. *YaY* He works at Sears in the shoe department. hey a job is a job and it's better than working for his mom hehehe. As my mom says, "oh, now he's going to be like Al?" (as in Al Bundy from Married with Children, a show we used to watch as a family). I'm all excited for him. He says now that he's going to be paying when we go out all the time (as of now we take turns or pay for ourselves since i make more money). ^_^ He makes me soo happy x58469897845861! ^_~

♥zomg! Nip/Tuck was SOOO CRAZY last night! at the very end i was like *gasp* "omg!" and then "haha, she deserved it!"cuz kit shouldn't have been railroading christian or planting evidence (which i so think she did!). Like christian would hurt anyone and how the hell did he rape himself?! lol *shakes head*

♥eeeeeeeeeeee...*zonk, sleep*

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